Commercial Supply Co. is a major distributor of wiping cloths for use on many types of commercial cleaning projects, including but not limited to flat roofing and HVAC applications. Wiping rags are available in four styles: white flannel wipers, white cotton t-shirt wipers, white Turkish wipers, and blue huck wipers. Wiping rags from Commercial Supply Co. vary in absorbency and lint levels, and are all ideal for use in wiping applications where detecting grease and grime residue is essential. Wiping rags vary in price; pallet pricing is available, including free shipping with a qualifying order. Inquire below for samples and a custom quote!


Recycled white flannel is great as a general-purpose wiping rag due to the durable waffle weave construction. Ideal for applications involving oil and grease, these white flannel wipers are highly absorbent and solvent friendly. Perfect for painters and maintenance crews as their white color is great for grease and grime detection. Sold in 25lb. boxes, 24 boxes to a pallet.



Manufactured from recycled blue huck towels (also known as surgical towels), blue huck wipers are cotton hemmed, hygienically cleaned, and sanitized. Providing a lint free clean, blue huck wipers are hemmed, and are an excellent choice for cleaning applications that require a highly absorbent/lint free option for streak-free cleaning.


Manufactured from recycled white Turkish bath towels, these wipers are extremely durable and absorbent. Ideal for applications involving oil and grease, white Turkish bath towels are solvent friendly and highly absorbent. Compared to white flannel, white cotton, and blue huck wipers, white Turkish bath towels produce more lint. Sold in 25 lb. boxes, 24 boxes to a pallet.



Manufactured from recycled white knit and white polo t-shirt material, which is highly popular for general cleaning applications. Ideal for applications involving oil and grease, these white cotton t-shirt wipers are solvent friendly and provide medium absorbency. More wiping rags per pound than white flannel wipers. Sold in 25 lb. boxes, 24 boxes to a pallet.